Most frequently asked questions regarding skin problems

There are a lot of questions which do need to be clarified beforehand in order to avoid confusing potential patients that dermatologists might have, because certain unknown parts about the client’s facial issue can leave him in doubt, therefore providing uncertainty which might adopt disbelief in their local skin expert. Unaddressed questions might seem as a minor issue that can be resolved at any time after the appointment has ended or the specific treatment that the dermatologist has prescribed to the person having the skin problems, but based on my dermatological experience, any urgent questions that a person might have must be addressed immediately. So, instead of explaining every question that an individual who suffers from commonly known complications might have, I decided to write down a few of most often asked ones in this blog, so that other people could read them here and receive the correct information they have. This idea came to my mind after I started hearing the same skin care related questions over and over and I truly got tired of answering every one of them each time a visitor came to our dermatology clinic, so let’s not waste any time and begin.

How much time will it take for my facial issue to be resolved?

This is an incredibly specific question, due to the fact, that it really depends on the particular problem you might have: if you are experiencing mild acne, it can take a few weeks of attentive treatment in order to heal your skin.

Can I overcome my skin care issue at home?

It is absolutely possible to treat your skin at home, however, once again it depends on the problem you have because some more serious skin issues need advanced treatment for them to disappear from your skin, but if you only have a few pimples here and there, it is totally doable.